Cattex Wisteria Premium Balloons

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by Cattex
Type: Latex
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Brand: Cattex
Range:  Premium (opaque)
Diameter:  5" (13 cm) 12" (30 cm) 24" (60 cm)
Packaging: 1 Pcs or 100 Pcs 1 Pcs or 100 Pcs 1 PCS
Volume: 0.0012 m3 0.014 m3 0.113 m3
Weight of the balloon in grams: 1 gr 4 gr 27 gr
Recommended Closing Clip: Small Small Small

Please note that balloons are not delivered inflated.

Keep them away from light, strong temperature variations and draughts.

Natural latex balloons - 100% biodegradable

Approved for air or helium inflation

Please note, images are for reference only. The true color of the balloons appears once the balloon is inflated to its recommended size.

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