About us

In May 2015 and again in January 2016, I traveled to Quebec with my wife Eugenie. There we discovered, among other things, how Quebecers and Canadians use latex balloons on a daily basis for different events such as birthdays, parties and public events.
I wanted to do the same thing in my region in France. Déco Innovante was born.

I started by participating in a group of French decorators using the Qualatex brand in Poitiers, a few hours from my home. I learned the basic decorating techniques essential for this job. And a few months later, I decorated a castle for Halloween. However, this type of decoration is still seen as something childish and unprofessional by many adults. Despite a participation in the wedding fair of my region and many contacts, the activity was struggling to take off. In the end I was also able to decorate a wedding hall and a car dealership.

Quickly it appeared to me, because of my full-time job too, that opening an online balloon business could be a good complementary activity. So in 2018 I opened with my wife the website French Balloons. It is her that you can see on the pictures of the site, or me sometimes.

But life is made of twists and turns and at the end of 2018 I learned that I was going to achieve one of my dreams: to go live in Canada. I had just found an employer to move to Quebec. So we closed French Balloons and Déco Innovante in December 2018.

By February 2020, I had obtained a status that allowed me to reopen my store in Quebec. French Balloons was back! After several months of activity, I sat down to think about the name of the site, it seemed increasingly obvious that the name French Balloons was no longer appropriate for this site that had become Quebec-based selling products mainly in Canada and the USA. So I chose to change the name of my site to Balloune Québec or BQC in order to better reflect its Quebec identity and play with the pronunciation of Balloune (in Quebecois) versus Balloon (in English).

At the beginning the site was powered by prestashop but it quickly appeared certain limits in its use and the proposed services. We had to move the site to Shopify in order to offer a service to all our customers.

The rest of the story is to be written but I thank all our current and future customers. Without you BQC would not be here.

Team Members:
Currently our small family team is composed of three people.
Clément, the founder of the company, the one who imagined everything, me! I have always had a passion for balloons, balloon decoration and the various uses of this material. It is thus quite naturally that I wanted to share my passion.
Eugénie my wife who follows me in my adventure since the beginning. She accepted to take pictures. She also helps me with communication and marketing. She also played the role of commercial for the decoration.
Mathias our son, he helps me to prepare the orders and check that the balloons are well packed. He loves to come with me to drop off your packages to the different carriers.