Frequently asked questions

Do my balloons arrive inflated?

All balloons are shipped uninflated and new. There is no first inflation that is done on your balloons. Only the printed balloons will have undergone a first inflation to do the printing on them.

Is my package discreet?

Your package is shipped discreetly. There are no logos or labels on it that can give away information about what's inside. The sender is: "Clement Vrigneaud or Import gaspesie." For customs, it says "balloon" but if that might be a problem for you, please let us know in comments

My country is not available how to do?

We have modified our procedures to make them international. To do this, you need to create an account with Nybox ( https://www.nybox.com/ ) or Myus (https://www.myus.com/), which will give you an address in the USA. You place your order with us and, at checkout, enter the address that Nybox or Myus has given you (also in Paypal). (When they receive the order, they'll ask you to pay the shipping costs. They'll ask you to pay for shipping to your country. Here's an idea of shipping costs https://www.nybox.com/tools/rates or https://www.myus.com/pricing/ select your country for exact rates.

How are my balloons packed?

Your balloons are first packed in clear plastic bags. If you take some balloons in large quantities, they will be bundled together. Then your bags are arranged in a cardboard box. Your invoice is placed on top of your balloons and the whole thing is closed.

How are your balloons stored?

Your balloons are stored in drawers away from light and moisture in our basement at room temperature. (Minimum 19 degrees celsius)

How do I store my balloons?

We invite you to store your balloons in a dark box at room temperature. It is important that your balloons do not see the sun and are put in contact with as little air as possible.

How to contact us?

You can contact us directly on our contact form on the website. You can also email us at contact.ballouneqc@gmail.com

How are the shipping costs calculated?

Your shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of your package and the destination. Each rate works by weight range. Therefore, we encourage you to make your packages as cost effective as possible within the weight range.

Where do your balloons come from?

Our balloons come from different manufacturers, the countries are very diverse: USA, Mexico, Italy, Austria, it all depends on the brand. We buy most of our balloons directly from the manufacturers. We rarely need to go through middlemen.

What material are the balloons made of?

Balloons are primarily made of latex. However, there are also aluminum and PVC balloons.

Are balloons biodegradable?

All of our latex balloons are biodegradable, for more information, we invite you to read our homepage which contains more information about this topic.

Are balloons fireproof?

Most of our balloons meet fire resistance regulations. In fact, the balloons are classified as toy/games and must meet the standards for these products. If for a particular event, you need to provide documents related to this topic, we invite you to let us know as soon as possible via our contact form or directly by email at contact.ballouneqc@gmail.com

Can I come visit you?

Our balloons are kept in our home. We are not allowed to host the public. Therefore, it is not possible to visit our premises and choose your balloons on site.

What payment methods are available?

You can make a payment with your bank card, credit card, debit card or directly through your Paypal account.

I want to have my order delivered to a P.O. Box, how do I do that?

To have your order delivered by P.O. Box, you must choose "Canada Post" which is the Canadian postal service and will be delivered by your postal service in your country. If you have a post office box with UPS, you will have to choose "UPS" but this is only for the post office boxes provided by the "UPS" delivery service.

If the carrier I want is not available, how do I?

If you want a particular carrier, you can contact us via our form or directly by email at: contact.ballouneqc@gmail.com

If I want certain balloons but can't find them how do I do that?

We invite you to contact us directly via our contact form or by email at: contact.ballouneqc@gmail.com

I would like to order a product in Canada or the United States but they don't deliver to my house, how can I do that?

We can offer to receive it at our facility and then ship it directly to your home. For more information on this subject, we invite you to write us an email at: contact.ballouneqc@gmail.com

Will I have to pay customs fees?

Customs fees depend on your country and the agreements it has signed with Canada. However, in most cases, you will have taxes to pay upon entering your country and you will be charged a processing fee by the shipping service.

Do I pay taxes in Canada?

If you are a foreigner, no you do not pay Canadian taxes on our products and shipping costs. If you are Canadian, yes you pay GST and QST/HST on our products and shipping charges.

Can I add balloons to my order?

Yes you can add balloons to your order by contacting us. You will be sent a second order with an additional charge that includes shipping costs, time spent editing the order and bank charges. We strongly advise you to double check your order before placing it to avoid this request and the related fees. If you decide to place a second order when the first order has not yet been shipped, no refund of shipping charges will be made. For your addition in the first order, you have 7 days to pay it without that the addition of order will be cancelled and your main order will be shipped without this addition.