Today I wanted to test the 16" Decomex, this ball seems to be little known to you and yet it deserves to be.

My first impression when I take it out of the bag is its smell! Its latex has an intoxicating candy smell ! We have the impression to fall back in childhood, however it is the desire to inflate it and to play with. Its thick latex worries me slightly for the inflation. Generally a thick latex is hard to inflate!

The touch is very soft and silky. I stretch it gently and delicately to relax the latex.

Then I put it in my mouth, that candy taste comes right back!

I inflate the balloon and to my great surprise it does not oppose any resistance! Me who is always difficult to start an inflation, it inflates very easily. And the more I inflate it, the more I wonder how far I will have to stop because it seems to have already exceeded 16"! Yet it is still soft. It has a nice shape that looks a lot like the 16" payaso/unique.

I finally reach a good 18-19" with some amazement. I don't even feel like the ball is going to pop in my face.

I close it with a clip and start playing with it.

I go slowly, lying on my back and take it between my legs. I have fun squeezing it to see the collar lengthen and shorten. The ball seems to react really well to my pressure.

Confident, I put the balloon on a blanket and straddle it. Here I am riding it, it has a certain flexibility and a good resistance in spite of my assaults. I'm now lying down on the ball. The 16" is really top to be able to feel the ball totally under you and wrap it completely. And moreover this ball resists well to it while keeping a great flexibility!

I still play with it for some time, totally conquered by its great resistance and its flexibility! Are you still looking for a ball that remains soft but resistant? I think I found it for you! And by the smell alone you will know that you are holding a decomex in your hands.

The test was also done with the other sizes. For the 26" what I can tell you is that it has undergone two inflations, the first one for the site and much later another one for our personal game. Despite being stored for several days the balloon was not oxidized and still in very good shape. The 26" has a neck that really reminds of the 24" from Qualatex.

Do you miss him too? For our part, we have found a worthy replacement! Moreover this latex is of a quality without comparison! After this second session of inflation, it remained inflated during 2 weeks, when we took it back it had still not oxidized and even less lost air! We inflated him a little more and that did not pose any problem to him! The second sitting session with him made him live his last moments. But we had time to enjoy his collar and his generous forms!


On the other hand those who like to inflate quickly your balloons be careful, the neck comes out very well and you could quickly have this last one which licks your lips for the end.

In conclusion, the only negative point is the lack of crystal color but the easy inflation of the neck and its resistance make us forget this slight inconvenience. The decomex balloons have a good quality/price ratio. I could even say that you get more for your money because for the same price of a 16" payaso you get a 16" decomex but much thicker and much stronger. It will last much longer than a payaso and will give you hours of play and fun.


To go see the Decomex! Click here!

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