BK Latex 24"

BK Latex 24"


BK Latex 24" What's in it for us?

The uninflated ball is soft to the touch but holds well, when stretched it does not deform and easily returns to its original shape. It gives off a good latex smell that we love. This smell is soft and not too strong nor heady contrary to certain balloons. 

By dint of touching it I begin more and more to want to inflate it, I don't know about you, but I wonder how it will react...

I take out my valve for a slow and optimal inflation, thanks to it I will be able to inflate the balloon quietly and make the pleasure of inflation last..

I love taking my time. On the other hand, I don't do any pre-inflation of the collar, we won't cheat!

At the beginning of the inflation, I get a very round balloon but the back part remains quite flat, at the beginning, which is very characteristic of the balloons that are with this mold shape. I could call it the baby of the Cattex 32".

Throughout the inflation process the balloon remains quite soft. Usually this mold shape makes the neck hard to get out. But to my surprise it came out easily, I had to bend over and sit on it gently to get it to come out. After 3 or 4 tries it inflates with air and it stays. Nothing to do with Punch ball where it's very difficult to get a collar without pre-inflating it. 

Once the balloon is inflated it remains flexible to my great surprise, yet the shape it had before inflation is reminiscent of a punch ball which are hard balloons. But nothing to do with the punch ball!


The measurements of the beast. At the first inflation I arrive at 24" with the collar out and still quite soft. I think we could get more but I did not try to do our photo shoot.


To play with the ball, I sit on it without any problem and without fear. I find these balls really pleasant to lie on and play with alone or in couple. The flexibility of the latex makes it fit the shape of our body, which makes playing with it even more intense and fun. 

We can easily start to play with it in all sensuality, taking support in one place or another. When we rub ourselves against the ball, the latex follows perfectly all our movements what makes all this even more sensual. The sensations are soft but firm.

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