BQC Party 12" Premium Metallic

$4.01 CAD
Type: Latex
10 pieces
Brand: BQC Party
Diameter: 12" (30 cm)
Helium in m3: 0.010
Range:  Metallic (Opaque)

The freshness bag allows you to use the desired quantity of balloon and to close it again for a next event. Once your bag is well closed, it avoids that the balloon oxidizes quickly in contact with UV rays, but especially with air.

Please note that the balloons are not delivered inflated.

Store away from light, large temperature variations and drafts

Natural latex balloons - 100% biodegradable

Filled with helium in a closed environment (18° C) float time is approximately 18 hours.
Filled with air in a closed environment (18° C) endurance is approximately 20 days.

When inflating the balloons with air or helium we recommend to inflate them until reaching the shape shown in the image. Not inflating them enough could cause a decrease in float times, on the other hand, inflating them too much could cause them to burst.

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