In 2016, the company Déco Innovante was born.

Its main activity was the creation of balloon decorations for different professional or private events. Our first event was for Halloween in a castle. For the sets we have always worked with Qualatex who trained us and provided their advice thanks to their network. The balloon is a decoration tool can develop in France, given the impact of our work we decided to take a new impulse by offering for sale uninflated balloons sold at retail all over the world.

This is how in 2017: French Balloons was born. In 9 months, our small website has experienced an increase in turnover every month. The customers were there and delighted with our work. However, a long-dreamed project has arisen before us: Living in Quebec. So we put our small business on pause, we closed the French offices and we exported to Canada.

In 2020, we decided to restart our website and the entire company. With this return to the Internet, new ideas and new projects have arrived. Come discover this and be part of the big French Balloons family!

Our team:

More than a team, a family!

Deco Innovante was created and is managed by Clément who is also our main photographer and our webmaster. He's the one who prepares your orders. In short, he is the one who does the most!

Eugenie is his wife, she has no legal place in the business but she does her best by serving as a model for photos, she takes care of the marketing and communication side. She takes the photos when Clément must be in front of the lens.